At Sierre-Zinal, four of the top seven men were Kenyan, while Kilian Jornet was only fifth, a result that made me do a double take when I saw it
With three weeks to go before I head to Chamonix to take on the CCC, I was in need of some big hills to run up. Scotland rolled up its sleeves and got…
Rather than run around and around the same old loops, this week I went off exploring the local countryside, with mixed results
Thoughts on a world athletics championships viewed mostly through highlight clips, and one in which Kenya's decline continued
As Hassan came tearing up on the outside, Gidey snapped and snarled and gashed her teeth and held on to finally claim her first gold medal
Have you tried being as zen as Djokovic for hours on end? Even just on a slow Sunday morning run it can be difficult
Running has suddenly become this trendy 'community' where clubs are re-cast as 'crews' and runners wear glitter and spangly retro 80s tights
A week in which I ran around Exeter, and Adam Peterman burst onto the ultra running main stage
'Desire runs', I think I’ll call them from now on. A run where you just let yourself flow, where you go wherever your heart desires
There were a few gasps when I was asked what my big goals were for the future and I mentioned that I might try their little race in New York
I missed a couple of runs this week. Am I getting lazy? Or just being kind to myself? Sometimes it's hard to tell
Nostalgia is in the air whenever I visit my home town of Northampton, and a lot if it centres around running