Excitement, drama, courage - and rumblings of discontent - marked a record year for the world's most infamous race
I've been wanting to know my VO2 Max for years. How hard can I push, though? And does it really matter?
A phone call to New York puts the frighteners on me, and gets me upping my training
A quick start and suddenly I was leading the race. Where was everyone else?
A Kenya versus Ethiopia slugfest, with the Ugandans sticking their oar in. Racing at its purest and most dramatic
A week of illness doesn't help inspire, but some other runners were doing some pretty amazing things
I knew I was unlikely to win, but top five was a possibility. Who else was going to be training like me, with a 3,100-mile race in mind?
Refusing to get floored by a cold might seem tough, but it's not always the best approach
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