The rain was driving down, obscuring hills buried now in cloud. And it was getting dark. Surely we weren’t going to head out in that?
I love that feeling of running hard in a group, feeding off the energy of the others as we charge along Paignton seafront like a band of marauding…
This week's offering features an exclusive guest contribution by the brilliant running author Richard Askwith
The Kenyan success story keeps on rolling. Yet things are a little more complicated than when I was writing Running with the Kenyans in 2011
These are some of the inane thoughts that go on during a run. Amid all the great ideas and moments of inspiration, of course
How far could you hobble on with an injury? How about another 200 miles?
A run across the moor in big shoes, and some thoughts on Kenyan doping
'This is how fast Eliud Kipchoge runs a marathon,' I called out, my own mind blown, even if my son had no idea what I was talking about
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